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Consumers benefit from the convenience of the Shopatron network.

While the Internet has made it easier to learn about products consumers need, it hasn't always meant easy, fast purchasing since many manufacturers don't sell direct to the public. The Shopatron network was developed to help.

Once consumers have located products at manufacturers' web sites, they can order from the manufacturer's Shopatron-enabled catalog. Products arrive a few days later, shipped by a local retailer. The innovative Shopatron Network makes the connection from "find" to "buy" to "enjoy" without leaving the house.

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Shopatron makes it easy for manufacturers to service consumers online with product information and ordering, but while supporting retailers by integrating them into a seamless order fulfillment process.

At last, there's a solution for manufacturers who want to deploy ecommerce and strengthen relationships with retailers and distributors. With years of proven service and hundreds of manufacturers on board, Shopatron works for everyone.

Shopatron can be deployed with any existing website, and it doesn't cost much to get started, either.

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Retailers are the most important people on the Shopatron network.

A Shopatron retailer is a local source for the trusted brand-name products consumers want. Shopatron retailers fulfill orders from available stock and deliver excellent customer service with an experienced hand.

Quality retailers are invited to join the Shopatron network FREE. Acquire new customers. Make additional sales. Learn what products are selling best.

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